About Us

Sowa Corporation is a fabricated metal products company located in Newark, NJ.  Founded in 1996 by master tool and die maker, Krzysztof (Chris) Garstka, Sowa Corporation began as a metal stamping company primarily serving the material handling industry.  Through its founder’s skill and hard work, the company soon began producing military parts as a subcontractor for U.S. Government contracts.  With the knowledge and experience gained as a subcontractor, Sowa has now begun work as a registered contractor for the U.S. Government.

Since its inception, Sowa has distinguished itself as a reliable provider of high quality precision parts at low cost and fast delivery.  This has been made possible because of our expert toolmaking ability.  It is this toolmaking ability that allows Sowa to produce complex parts and shapes which would not be possible using only CNC machines.  Where traditional, more-expensive milling operations would be required, we can make forming dies to produce the same parts for a fraction of the cost.

Sowa Corporation is more dedicated than ever to producing the highest quality parts with absolute precision and the best value for our customers.