Material Handling

Rail System Components:

Rail Support:  Designed for ¾-inch pipe drop used with 1 1/16-inch and/or 1 5/16-inch rail tubing.   The four holes make installation faster and easier than traditional two-hole supports by eliminating the need to drill extra holes in the event of a broken screw head during installation.  The support is zinc plated and has a capacity of 750 lbs.

Adjustable Rail Supports:  The adjustable rail support is used to support free rails from chain conveyor systems.  The nuts on the threaded shank are adjusted to the required height.  Supports are made of ¾ inch steel rods and zinc plated.  Nuts, washers, rail support, and support clip are shipped assembled.

Suspension Nipple:  This  one-piece weldment  is for bolting to mezzanine, beams, angle iron, etc.  The suspension nipple provides a mounting surface for rail supports, clamps, etc.  It allows for great flexibility of pipe suspension throughout an installation.  It is zinc plated and has a standard 3/8-16 tapped hole on the plate end.  We offer the suspension nipple for 1 1/16 and/or 1 5/16-inch rail tubing.  It comes with a 3/8-16 tapped hole on the plate end but we can make it for various sizes.

Steel Cross-Brace Clamps:  This steel cross-brace clamp is used for bracing or suspending uprights, headers, suspensions, and braces.  With this clamps, two pipes are clamped across each other eliminating the need for any cutting of pipes.  The clamp is made from 10 gauge steel and zinc plated.  Bolts and stop nuts can be supplied as necessary.

Power Track Suspension Clamps:  Designed for easy installation on Richards Wilcox overhead power track.  These clamps are drawn closed around the track with the included bolt.  The clamps have a mounting hole for suspension from a suspension nipple. 

Pipe Strap:  These 1-1/4” zinc-plated pipe straps are made from 1/8” steel.   They are used to strap 1-1/4” pipe to beams, angles, and other structures.

Double Arm Brackets:  The double arm bracket is formed as one piece from 7 gauge steel with a welded support bracket for clamping to stanchions  Adjustable tooling allows for fully customizable arm length.   Sowa double arm brackets are tailored to the specific stanchions used in an installation making for a tight fit.  This allows for faster and easier installations.  Support brackets come with punched holes for self-tapping screws to assure no slippage.  Double arm brackets are zinc plated and come with U-bolts and hardware for installation.

Single Arm Brackets:  Single arm brackets are formed in the same way as double arm brackets.  As with double arm brackets, single arm brackets are made to whatever length is specified by the customer.  They are tailored to each specific installation and for a tight fit to any stanchion.  Single arm brackets are zinc plated and come with installation hardware.

Wall Brackets:  Wall brackets have arms like single arm brackets for rail supports.  The arms are welded to an angle bracket made for attaching directly to a wall or structural beam.  The wall brackets are made of 7 gauge steel and zinc plated.

Rail Trolleys:  The all-steel rail trolley features a zinc-plated load bar with rolled over and welded ends, 12 gauge steel heads with steel wheel bearings, and pendants made from ½” diameter steel rods.  The trolley comes with anti-slide pins welded into the load bar.  All trolleys have greased pendants along with fiber washers for smooth tracking through bends.  Sowa rail trolleys are customizable and can be tailored to meet customer needs.  Load bars come in 1” and 1-1/4” O.D. tubing and can be made to whatever length is required.  Load bars can also be made with any number of anti-slide pins spaced as specified by the customer.  Pendant length can also be adjusted as necessary.   Bearings with nylon wheels are optional if necessary. In addition to fully assembled trolleys, Sowa offers individual or partially assembled trolley parts.

Hard Dog Pushers:  The hard dog pusher is made for pushing rail trolleys on Jervis B. Webb overhead conveyors.  The hard dog pusher is all steel, zinc plated, and comes with a preinstalled spring pin for locking. 

Soft Dog Pushers:  The soft dog pusher is made for Jervis B. Webb overhead conveyors.  It comes with a urethane pad for a soft contact with rail trolleys.  The body is steel construction and zinc plated.  Soft dog pushers have preinstalled spring pins for locking.

Rail Stops:  Rail stops are used to stop and collect trolleys on rails at desired points.  The clamp-on installation fits stamped rail supports and ensures that the structural strength of the support is not compromised.  Rail stops are made from ¼” zinc-plated steel.  Stop is raised or lowered to proper position with light finger pressure.  Hardware is furnished.

Drop-off Curved Switch:  The curved switches move trolleys from a spur line onto the main line.  The switch is spring loaded.  It is automatically depressed by the trolley and springs back after trolley passage.  It is zinc-plated and made of machined steel.

Drop-off Straight Switch:  The straight switch is made for moving trolleys from a branch line onto the main line at a curve in the main line.  The straight switch operates like the curved switch.  It is zinc-plated and made of machined steel.

Knife Switch:  The hinge fitting of the knife switch can be raised to break rail line at doors, crossings, and loading docks.  Switches diameter and length can be customized to fit and system.

Parastacking Switch:  The parastacking switch is designed to facilitate the side-by-side storage of empty trolleys.

Removable Bar Switch:  The removable bar switch allows for the complete removal of a bar between connecting rails.  It is used in door openings and other passages.  Bar switches can be customized to whatever length a customer needs.


Sowa Corporation produces rail system components which are not featured on this page.  In addition, we can produce custom components per customer specifications.  Please contact our material handling department for all of your rail system needs.